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 the skilling guide

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PostSubject: the skilling guide   Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:44 pm

hey guys this is a few tips on making money with skilling

ok the #1 skilling skill 2 make money right as u log in is thiefin 1st stall is 25k...2nd is 50k...3rd is 100k.
the #2 skilling skill is smithing. everytime you smith a bar on the anvil you will get so much cash for diff kinds of bars
the #3 skilling skill would be fishing. you would be able 2 fish sharks at 76 fishing and sell them to other players.
the #4 skilling skill would be herblore. you would have to farm aswell or buy ur herbs from other players for thi to work. different herbs with vials of water make diff pots tht u can sell to diff ppl!
the #5 skilling skill would be runecrafting. you would simply buy rune or pure ess and go to the abys and runecraft your ess into runes then simply sell to other players.

Now have fun skilling and if any questions contact me on game my user is machoman92

PS some of these skills may be out of order in monmaking wise 1 being best 5 worst but this is wat i have expeirenced so gl!
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the skilling guide
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