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 Poem Elder for Mod (Not sure if there's any requirements)

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Poem Elder

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PostSubject: Poem Elder for Mod (Not sure if there's any requirements)   Fri Jul 23, 2010 3:26 pm

In-Game name: Poem Elder

Age: 19

How long a day are you on for? Way too long, I've been on it all day today. I am very active, and will be more so in the future.

If i got mod what would i do? If I got mod, I'd make sure to enforce the rules for every second I am on the server. I'd help the players and direct them to where they want/ need to be, whether it be someone needing help on how to download the client, or helping someone as to where to find the King Black Dragon - for example.
What if i didn't get mod? If I didn't get to be a mod, I wouldn't mind, I'd continue playing the server and continue being active to the forums, I'd continue chatting and getting to know everyone and I'd still help the economy with the power of knowledge, haha.

Ps. I understand that I have a really small chance as I've not been with the server long, so I totally understand if I'm declined.

Yours sincerely,

Poem Elder
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Poem Elder for Mod (Not sure if there's any requirements)
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