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  makes then designers create

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PostSubject: makes then designers create   Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:25 pm

But in the Second World War, shortages, packet adorn soon became luxury, ladies' bag has adopted the rough canvas material, however, makes then designers create a series of shopping bags and bicycle bag. After the war ugg ultra tall in the package ACTS the role of industry has arisen in several famous brands: one is Coco Chanel (cocoa. Against Mr.) gold chains hanging aglet package ACTS the role of design, become the symbol of taste at that timely (Louis button) the bucket type ugg classic mini to carry bag adorn Noël champagne, big won a good reputation among our customers. Hermes, via the Highboy disfavored, social status Grace Kelly adopted after meal liters ten times, and instant fame big noise. Gucci naturally also joined battle circumference, launch bamboo handle the bags and water droplets model wrap adorn. Bags and women in the twentieth century, women have with brand-name strengthen, packet adorn became the symbol of status and the bigwigs. Middle later, people's life was filled with computer. The rise of laptop computers, make broad messenger bag, camera bag became the young man's pet. Later, package ACTS the role cheap jimmy choo handbags of the world more colorful profusion, have contracted creed, the prevalence of Chinese embroidery hot, more animal fur of applications, such as snakeskin, a leopard's skin, crocodile skin, etc, right now Anguishing xi beautiful bag adorn at this time gets great development, obtain the enthusiastic support ugg argyle knit boots of fashionable circles.
At the beginning of the 20th century, as fashion represents bag is acted the role of, become commonplace popular items, the exploitation was sweeping Europe "Oriental civilization" style's influence, packet adorn become novelties. But in that era, fashion air max 90 is only the rich "patent". Low income and heavy work make working-class women and fashion for no, also with a bag for decoration. Until the 1920s, the mass media increasingly advanced, fashion is no longer brownstone privileges, all classes ugg classic cardy of women are joined after fashionable ranks. Packet acts the role offing also begun to show their own characteristics with the bag with the music of pearl beat shaking and happen sound, and contemporary jazz music played out through hit "concerto". In the 1930s, Hollywood movie's spatial development, they coach sale to fashion popular produced great impact. Packet adorns have a streamlined appearance and good Guainía, unadorned material ugg boots sale of primitive simplicity and elegance.
Filled with the gun smoke the 1940s, package ACTS the role of design most emphasize practical, and the trend of pragmatism air max 2010 is more military the impact of design hangs over the shoulder bag rage, because can used to hold a mask ration it out of notes and id card is most practical dress. Though the war years aunt gun smoke people brings great pain, but it actually prompted bag act the role offing classic ugg boots to the civilian and simplification, greatly important step. The end of the war, the economic recovery gradually in the 1950s, because of the war years imprison, after the war people for sex desire and competition, women's dress quickly turned to sex appeal and enchanting. Packet act the role offing to cater for the dress, is no exception to sex appeal and enchanting. This period, rock and pop music already is not only a kind of music forms of revolution, it has formed a kind classic ugg boots of for the young to accept the across of region and culture the new language. Full of youthful vitality of the mini skirts and pants outfit style of revolution with rock music is the popular were born. Miniskirts also calls for a new packet acted the role of to appear, hence all sorts of small, have long shoulder belt, style concise satchel wholesale ugg boots will hang young shoulders, make people very pretty. The rapid development of economy of the 1970s and 1980s, in a certain sense, the packet act the role offing has become a cultural position and symbol of status.
The new materials and design are being introduced, break people "investment buy a good packets" traditional concept. As the late 1970s new romantic and classical revival appears in the concept of fashion, some narrow straps ugg boots of handbags, fishing bag etc contain pure and fresh and rustic bag adorn appear in people is also reflected in the shoulder, economic tide of surging, people who are required to escape city congestion and Atonal intention. In the 1990s, the fashion by young people have a monopoly on land avant-garde seems coach bags to become fashionable pronoun, high after the top design is arranged list who is good at playing with no exception is that flow avant-garde artists. Claptrap While "today is fashionable tomorrow and become a thing of the past" trend changes, have chanel bags to happen "the world is changing fast" are generalized Packet act the role offing also without exception, by this fast changing trend of wind, the influence of present changeful shape. In 2000, the arrival classic short boots of tide restoring ancient ways will also continue to popular, bead piece bags may become boom.
As the new century female whether do you ever think of your side to hundreds of years later bag act the role offing also air max tailwind can become the witness of history. In the twentieth century, mankind creates too much miracle, they through own ingenuity, positive initiative and creativity for human left countless precious wealth. The clock's ship still fly keep running forward, we should firmly believe that hope is tomorrow, just below us His briefcase His briefcase usually divides into several big case, special storage paper, calculator, CARDS, ball-point pen, documents, document letterhead, etc. With leather briefcase solid tongue, give priority to, useful ugg classic tall also proceeded leather sewing Pattern has a square, Chankiang, flat sides, flat and cell phone type and so on many kinds of, color with sauce yellow primarily, carry way include carry, back, carry, etc Telescopic bag Bags without fixed bracket, soft and some toughness. It type ugg bailey button is various, have Badeshi, portable, some set purse and purse for an organic whole, bag usually have two or three dark bag, can put money, key, cosmetics, suitable for young women use.
Zipper bag It joined the attendance meeting or field assignments women most applicable, but started using hard commonly habit, bag straps easy clip hair, multi-purpose several times and natural. General work GUCCI bag Gucci is the reddest knockoffs classic argyle knit of double G LOGO pattern denim bag. In fact, as long as there is double G LOGO decorative pattern, whether bag, or wallet, were fake. Fines -- 1) double G LOGO pattern genuine Gucci double G LOGO flowers Wenzhou methods are very neat, it classic argyle knit can be seen clearly two capital letters G pattern. False Gucci double G LOGO pattern did not seem to clear the capital letters G, like C. 2) work very fine workmanship genuine Gucci, from pattern texture, the bus lines, lining, are very neat and clean.
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makes then designers create
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