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 Now go multi-purpose comparatively

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PostSubject: Now go multi-purpose comparatively   Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:28 pm

Multi-purpose cardboard this is a bad place is wet, make when they go to have internal absorbing moisture, and such material durability ugg boots is not very strong. Now go multi-purpose comparatively thick sponge boards points frame. While the bottom go to, use commonly thicker sponge board on one hand, it is to go to underpin the whole gravity, also can effectively reduce vibration. 2) Go the whole design. Go to design including many aspects coach bags of content, including: the different points lattice dimensional size, points case board design and adjustable sex etc., if is pocket form, but also pay attention to the pocket of size fits, take cameras items is convenient and safety, etc. When chanel bags the choose and buy the characteristics of these designs are suitable for oneself should on-site experience it In addition, go to FengKouChu waterproof surrounding edge, zipper, anti-theft lock button on the slippery design on the straps, user when the choose and buy the best carefully see clear. 3) Go to size. Go to the specifications usually use it to represent the three-dimensional size. Generally in product brochure or is in the instructions will have instructions. Judging from the volume classic short boots of the specification, probably go according to size can generally divided into pocket bag, small bag, medium-sized bags and large bag.
 In addition, go to also can be divided into: single shoulder bag, double shoulder pack and pockets. Usually purse is relatively small, while double shoulder pack air max tailwind is compared commonly big. When the choose and buy, everyone will take their existing equipment for reference, and combining with the related information of himself traveling choice. For example the author first ugg classic tall go to the choose and buy when the equipment is Canon EOS 5, optimal horse 28-200mm zoom lens and Canon F1.8 standard lens, 50 matches outside a 420EX flash and handle a battery. According to their own equipment and oneself do not often traveling, the paper choose and buy a new length about a foot of single shoulder bag. Some small such as batteries, film, even small clothes etc all ugg bailey button can be installed in go, the feeling is very nice Makeup bag delicate and cabinet appearance: since is carry-on bags, size is appropriate, general advice to the size classic argyle knit of the 18cm x 18cm within the most appropriate, side to some width, can put in all the goods, and can put in carry-on big bag and do not show bulky lightweight material: material weight also is must consider the factors, the more light material, the more won't cause carry the burden on the production classic argyle knit of plastic, cloth and light makeup bag most convenient.
Leather it with the natural oils. 3 times the longer or used times from too much reduced gradually, so even if a very high level of leather also needs regular maintenance. Leather materials bag mainly ugg ultra tall by the cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, P VC materials, such as compared to make, chamois leather bag grade metropolitan attach maintenance instructions, actually note the following points: 1) general leather class bag need often maintain on oil, not regular cleaning, method is put oil on in a clean cloth, and then again even ground ugg classic mini is wipe the surface, avoid to oil in leather on direct daub, in order to avoid damage the leather goods, special attention is to avoid chemicals damages, hard to avoid the content of Kennedy bag hit and scratches. 2) Leather absorption force cheap jimmy choo handbags is powerful, should pay attention to the antifouling, high-grade sanded dermal pay particular attention to. 3) Weekly with dry towel after touching water twist dry, repeated several times light mop. 4) If leather have besmirch, with a clean wet sponge ugg argyle knit boots with temperature sex of detergent mop, then let it dry naturally. Formal before use in inconspicuous corner can try it out. 5) If grease on, can be used for cloth wipe up, the remaining by its natural dissipate or cleaners clean, do not swab with water. 6) Leather on hardware maintenance, should be in after use to dry cloth.
 Such as tiny oxidation, can try air max 90 with flour and toothpaste dabbed hardware can. 7) Paint with soft cloth leather typically requires can wipe, own gloss enough and not easily absorb dust. Cool burnish leather maintains, please use a little leather maintains for oil stained in soft cloth, again a bit hard on leather the friction, 9) without luster leather maintains, usually only cloth light mop, if dirt is serious when ugg classic cardy can try to similar rubber wipe gently remove. 10) Leather itself the natural oils with time too long or use frequency and gradually reduce, so even if a very high level of leather also need regular maintenance. 11) Such as leather produce stains black spots, try coach sale with lubricious leather touched alcohol light mop. Shimmy products by corrupt, may directly with a pencil eraser, maintenance again when using ugg boots sale a soft bristle brush down compliance direction brushed flat.
Cloth bag fabrics is commonly canvas, cowboy, cotton lining is commonly nylon and cotton, in general, the cloth bag can be dry-cleaned air max 2010 or washed and more, the color is more bright beautiful stripe of cloth bag must dry cleaning, otherwise, it will fade. Dirty cloth bag usable water plus a small amount of detergent, along with small flocking brush can. Light back and forth grain General cloth art bag often use small flocking brush away the dust classic ugg boots will be light, some available iron appropriate ironing, keep its shape is beautiful. Canvas, cotton bag maintenance points: saline soak 15 minutes, using soap and soft brush to wash, low temperature, opposite to dry, hand wash &iron medium temperature, pay attention to contain cortex product classic ugg boots can not be soaked, prevent sun insolates, cleaning before the activities deserve to remove Suede bag First the routine cleaning method, which can Fixed inch choose relatively difficult, for gear teeth from smaller (1.2 mm) so had better choose fixed yards outfit, right inserted left high low, need to manually repaired right urea, super sound half star onto the root, and both sides clomipramine pressure wholesale ugg boots with tibia distribution even, and the surface line continuously, stiletto cloth feet long approximately 8mm, pressure square bolt pull speed should not be too fast, both sides forcibly even and pull in place, pressure organ slow must role, this is not easy to damage,
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Now go multi-purpose comparatively
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