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 shopping ba

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PostSubject: shopping ba   Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:29 pm

Classical series for Esporta in Native American, Asia and Europe, etc, successfully lay legendary American lightweight nylon bag brand position. Series features light American style, rich color to use and lightweight convenient functionality and patent efficient comptroller adopted. Product series include a full range ugg boots of large shopping bag, traveling bags, handbags, side backpacks, bag, backpacks, special sports with backpack and various peripheral products, etc. 'this design thoughts from the parachute, it also is folded into a small bag inside'. Mr. Snow said. Before 1985, the main products sale still with us to give priority to, but coach bags with American style and products by all over the world, love, and export sales growth potential of the present, especially in Asia chanel bags is more marked. This deceptively simple idea is new motion tour package based - the entire the management idea of our company is found in the thoughts and above. "Decorate richly in-store will decoration company 1200 style so products Snow DE said. "New store opening for various series classic short boots of recommend this product to add the color of profusion.”
Esporta simple design philosophy and quality design, high quality materials selection and production technology, plus bright-colored color, waterproof wear-resisting and laudable design combination, tie-in shopping mall, social whirl, family gatherings and business travel, representing air max tailwind our contemporary life 1974 New York a small factory, after fine design, sewing and proofing, the first Esporta golf bag with rainproof wear-resisting of nylon cloth, cotton cloth around with marked with the LOGO ugg classic tall of silks and satins graphic edge was born. In 1975, the company for market introduction revolutionary classical fold-down nylon bag with bags and an overnight success An outlet to collect purse, before receiving first clean before the leather face, and the bag to put clean ugg bailey button of scraps regiment or cotton unlined upper garment classic argyle knit to keep the purse shape, then purse into soft cotton bags, collect in chest purse should avoid improper extrusion and deformation. Receive leather cabinet must keep ventilated, such as having shutter door cabinet is good, meanwhile closet best don't put classic argyle knit too much items.
Nylon double open set inch super sound with # 5 nylon zippers, stiletto cloth feet long approximately 13cm, ensure square bolt loaded ugg ultra tall to root, four pinhole respectively through, household must fall in place, squares or prone to defective, separate parts and hold the head to form a complete set, such as special hold the head, suggest preproduction try out whether supporting, blunt needle, deviate center or separate pieces at fracture solutions according to the different direction ugg classic mini when backlog blunt needle face Resin zippers Hold the head mouth high 2.6-2.7 MM, mouth wide 4.75-4.85 combination wide 4.55 + 0.05 thickness 2.4 + 0.05 bag closed end: the pressure fluctuation check, temperature, injection delay, the holding time three should adjust properly, if the closed end zipper size in cheap jimmy choo handbags with a certain number of 15CM around when can use platoon exactly two bands clomipramine TDC, similarly, if have the right size number, also can exactly one. Open ugg argyle knit boots the tail: set to ensure lead the jig inch?
 FONT face = "send New Roman" > 4.5 cm, 17 (teeth), grain clomipramine super sound tape clear figure, about evenly, position from the teeth approximately 1.5 mm around clomipramine, ensure holing air max 90 can hook cibvebuebt bad fast, and one word is finished. Compressor adjustment: high pressure with no more than 100kg/cm2, shoot 40kg/cm2 pressure 30kg/cm2, pressure-keeping 10kg/cm2 below, low voltage, high pressure, the pressure cooling time should be in more than 0.1 seconds, specific according ugg classic cardy to actual (zipper products models) again to make adjustments. Easy to appear defective factors: uncover tibia (reason is from mould positioning pin fracture, suitability whether off (shot) bolt pressure are proper and that the pressure and cooling time enough) square cloth collect small (pressure good zipper stay after cooling wear it again pull head) Resin zippers Hold the head mouth high 3.2-3.3 MM, mouth wide 6.05-2007 combination 5.75 + 0.05 thickness 2.95 + 0.05 closed end: please refer to # 3 resin closed end open tail: set inch guarantee lead the 5cm (14), fine grain clomipramine tooth teeth lead the 5.1 cm (21 grain clomipramine teeth), super sound tape clear figure and uniform, position from around 2mm or so, ensure clomipramine coach sale tooth drilling cibvebuebt bad hook and a word through prison double open tail: super sound tape position from 2.5 MM or so, clomipramine teeth, like other resin zippers tape if pressure ugg boots sale is too deep, repasts pressure open tail, cloth belt root easily broken.
There is a small bag of nary stickers, stickers with computer print the Numbers, the Numbers with identity card Numbers and original box on the Numbers are the same. False sticker will have altered traces air max 2010 of the Numbers is typed up. PRADA bag Counterfeit PRADA nylon bag in the market, many saw. Doing more like is Prada nylon bags, while that that counterfeit Prada nylon small bag looks to know is false. 1) nylon genuine Prada nylon classic ugg boots is made of materials with parachute, this kind of material heat-resisting, thick, tongue, toughness, its material surface anti luminosity is not large, and the magnifying glass can be seen under denim. And false Prada classic ugg boots by ordinary chemical fiber, or too light is too thin no simple sense, or too thick too hard feel is not beautiful, its material surface or very smooth, or extremely bleak, but the magnifying glass can see dot grain. 2) Skin genuine leather, goat Prada adopts even alligator-skin manufacturing, all cortical both had obvious dermatoglyph and unique skin taste False Prada cortical harder, and dermatoglyph less. 3) Triangle Logo bags Prada genuine metal triangle Logo wholesale ugg boots in the package is the central position, surrounding edge car line and triangle Logo distance extremely are weighed. The lettering on the logo and triangle is hand-made, very concave-convex feeling greatly.
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shopping ba
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