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 pure360 for moderator

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PostSubject: pure360 for moderator   Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:54 pm


In game name:pure360

Real name: sean

I play 1-5hours a day

What i would do if I were mod?i would make sure everyone is following the rules,welcome and show new players around, I would give people warnings before i give them a mute or a temp ban,i would never abuse the power on people like kick other players, And I would make sure no one will bot or auto on this server.

Have i ever been a mod or admin in a server?I've been mod in gemmascape admin in gamefreaked admin in hahascape

What i would do if i didt get mod?I would still treat the server nice and make sure everone is folowing the rules

Hope you read this. santa
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pure360 for moderator
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