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 Demonwolf346's Moderator application

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PostSubject: Demonwolf346's Moderator application   Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:21 pm

In-Game Name: Demonwolf346

Country you live in: USA

Time Zone: Eastern

Hours played: 2 and a half months. I play alteaslt 1-3hours a day.

Why you should be a mod: I think that i should be mod because I get along with everyone, I'm helpful ingame, and I truly believe because I've stuck with the server and I've come to know many people. I love this server and I think that I would be great for the server. I hope you do too! I don't brag at all. I don't like to pick a fight but when one comes along... Lol. I love this server and I hope I can stay for a while too! I have experience with modership, Making forums, and bugs in server. IDK if that madders. I am being watched on other forums? I think Smile I have seemed to be inactive but I am NOT!

Age: I'm 16
Name: Jake
Occupation: Computer programmer. Student
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Demonwolf346's Moderator application
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