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 【贴图】【灌水】【贴图】hermes kelly

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PostSubject: 【贴图】【灌水】【贴图】hermes kelly    Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:52 am

<p>In these cases, it almost seems as if the hyperostosis must have commenced by <a href="">hermes birkin</a> a gumma  this, however, is not the case. Osseous matter of a <a href="">hermes kelly</a> new formation is also deposited at the bottom of the affected spot. From the middle of the diploe, produced by the transformation of the medullary tissue, arise <a href="">hermes birkin</a> new osseous particles, which fill up the old medullary cavities of the diploe, and form, after <a href="">hermes bags</a> a time, a sclerotic-looking membrane, which covers the whole of the affected parts. This membrane may spread for <a href="">hermes handbags</a> some distance, even when the funnel-shaped depression is not deep, and does not extend beyond the cortical layer of the bone. The thickened parts of the diploe may be  traversed by this sclerotic-looking membrane, which is continued into a bed <a href="">hermes outlet</a> of osteophytes and hyperostoses on the opposite side of the bone, where they may be seen as distinctly as at the periphery of the funnel-shaped depression.<br>
Most frequently I have observed this last modification on the internal bony wall which looks toward the dura mater, even in affections whose origin was on the external <a href="">hermes bags</a> surface of the cranium. The converse is rare viz., the affection commencing on the internal surface of the bones of the cranium, and then manifesting itself on the external face. I have observed voluminous masses of hyperostoses occupying the neighbouring surfaces in cases when absorption began ou the iuternal face. To what are we to attribute this <a href="">hermes handbags</a> particular modification 1 There is no doubt that hyperostosis, as well as sclerosis of the surrounding osseous parts, is due to an irritation of the tissues, as is <a href="">hermes kelly</a> the case in many other forms of ostitis and periostitis. It is, however, difficult to explain the atrophy and the formation of <a href="">hermes outlet</a> the starred and funnel-shaped depression. In no instance have I (during the evolution of this pathological act) observed the least trace of pus. Indeed, this morbid process might be called, and explained as, a dry caries, if it were not necessary to use the term caries to signify suppuration of bone.</p>
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【贴图】【灌水】【贴图】hermes kelly
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